Key Objectives

Baby Boxes - Boxes of Love

Baby Boxes are new parent starter kits that contain quality infant products as well as important information about antenatal, postnatal, neonatal, continuing care and support programs for both mother and child. Each Baby Box is outfitted with a custom, certified non-toxic mattress so that it can be used safely as a bassinet. At EAS we believe every newborn deserves a safe/clean place to sleep. For several years we collected bassinets and baby beds for the newborns, but with change in the laws and not knowing if the product we were giving to our clients was safe, we decided this was the best alternative. Not only are we providing them with a bed but everything he/she needs for their first 45 days of life. Since starting this project in the fall of 2015, we have delivered close to 50 boxes to babies throughout central Illinois.

1. Keep baby safe.

2. Provide all babies with a safe/warm place to sleep

3. Provide new mothers with equal access to an assortment of quality infant care products as well as crucial healthcare and community information.

4. Prevent co-sleeping.

5. Make sure babies who are in transitional housing or homeless have somewhere to sleep.